Monday, September 27, 2010

In Search Of

We just got our very first fancy pants grocery store in my area.  Do you hear the choirs of angels?  It was like Christmas for me.  And then I decided to go gluten free.  I thought that my new, magical grocery store, Fresh Market, would be my go-to solution for all things GF.  But do you know what?  I walked every aisle of my new, magical grocery store this weekend.  Twice.  A few three times.  And they have about 1/3 of the GF supplies that my regular not all that great Price Chopper offers.  Maybe less.  They seem to have a fair amount of products.  But they didn't have even one flour that I needed after review so many blog recipes.  Not one.  They did offer cake mixes but seeing as how I don't like cake, they did me no good.  Such a bummer.  I love the produce department and I am sure if I could get close enough to the prepared foods, I would love them too.  But as far as helping me bake a loaf of GF bread, they had bupkis. 

So I drove down the street to Price Chopper.  And they had some of what I needed.  But not all.  Do y'all live in big cities with tons of fancy pants markets or do you order things like millet flour and tapioca starch online?  It looks like online is my only option at this point.  Blah!  I don't like having to wait for things and paying for shipping. 

This learning to live gluten free thing is hard, y'all!  I used to go weeks without eating a slice of bread and now I am craving a whole loaf.  Simply because I made it off limits.  I love baking bread but can't find all of my newly necessary ingredients.  I'm pretty determined to make this work though so to the internet to order mystery ingredients I go...


  1. I live in a very rural area and have NO fancy pants grocery stores either. I order all of my baking supplies online. It works well for me that way! I stock up and only have to order it a couple of time a year, so the shipping really isn't that bad! :-)

  2. I too am in a fairly rural area, but am lucky to have a lot of co-ops and natural food stores around that carry a good selection of gluten-free flours. They also do special orders for me, which is especially useful for Bob's Red Mill products - a case is just four little bags, which I go through quite quickly, so I commit to the whole case and I get a discount. You may want to talk to your local grocery stores to see if they'll pick up new products for you. Oftentimes whoever's in charge of ordering simply doesn't know which gf ingredients are most commonly used! Good luck - I hope you find everything you need and get to have a good loaf of gf bread soon!