Sunday, September 25, 2011

Vanilla Bean Sugar

This jar is actually full now but I snaped a photo so you could actually see the beans just hanging out in the sugar.

Vanilla Sugar.  Or the most tempting jar in my home.  I had a few extra vanilla beans and decided to split them down the center and pop them in a mason jar full of sugar.  Shake, shake, shake every few days and there you have it.  My super secret recipe.  Ha.  As you use up the sugar, feel free to just add more and shake it up.  You should be able to refill this jar over and over again for a good long while.

Adding the vanilla beans just makes this jar of sugar a jar of magic fairy dust.  Add it to any recipe but it is particularly amazing in cases where you would ordinarily top with sugar.  Like muffins, cookies, scones or pie crust.  Use in place of cinnamon sugar on toast.  Or oooh...I'm now thinking vanilla bean cinnamon sugar might be even more amazing.  It's subtle but heavenly.

I am not going to lie...sometimes I just open the jar and sniff it.  It's that yummy.  Have I just crossed the line in our bloggy friendship?  Was that TMI?  Whatever, it's totally true.  I am a total vanilla bean-aholic, y'all!

I think it might make a sweet (ha- I think I'm so funny) little hostess gift if you put it in a smaller mason jar and wrapped it up nicely.

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  1. Vanilla Bean Sugar is a staple in our kitchen, too. Love the idea of adding a ribbon and gifting some! Thanks for sharing.