Thursday, October 28, 2010

Peas, Please!

I actually made this recipe a few weeks ago but as I am making it again tonight, I thought it was high time I posted the recipe.  Split Pea Soup.  Don't turn up your nose, friends.  It's soooo delicious!  A classic fall comfort food.



* 1/2 small onion, chopped
* 2 carrots, chopped
* 2 slices bacon, chopped
* 1 small ham steak, cubed
* 1 bag dried split peas
* chicken stock, vegetable stock or water
* salt and pepper to taste


* Saute the onions in a little EVOO.  Add the bacon, ham and carrots.

* Add the bag of peas.  Toss so that they are completely coated in the onion ham goodness.

* Add chicken stock (or veggie or water).  I used two boxes of low sodium, low fat chicken stock and then towards the end added some more water too.  It will appear very watery after adding the stock.

* This is after about an hour.  Getting thicker but still very watery.  Don't worry.  This needs at least two hours to simmer.  Taste test to see if it needs any salt (it won't need much if it does because there is a lot of salt in the bacon and ham) and pepper.

* Two hours after starting, this is what you have.  Very thick and creamy.  Without adding a bit of flour or dairy.  The peas break down and melt into this deliciousness.  With the big chunks of yummy ham.  OMG I cannot even tell you how happy this soup makes me.  Crazy simple but soooo tasty. 

Oh do you see that white in the middle of the bowl?  Yeah I thought I would try adding a bit of sour cream.  I ate it but never added it again.  It doesn't add anything to the soup.  It's so creamy and yummy all on its own.  It's also very cheap to make.  A bag of split peas is less than a buck and the rest of the stuff is probably already in your pantry/fridge.  I usually eat it for two days and then freeze the leftovers in single servings to eat later.

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  1. I learned to love split pea soup after I got my pressure cooker. You're right, it's perfect for fall. Thanks for participating in Gluten-Free Wednesdays.